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Rehabilitative Massage & Training

Move Better.

Feel Better.

Live Better.

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Rehabilitative Massage & Training

We offer relief from chronic pain through medical massage therapy and individualized fitness training. 

Who We Are  Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Who We Serve  We serve those looking for an alternative solution to chronic pain, an improved way to treat injuries, while enhancing overall movement efficiency.

What We Do  We relieve pain using medical massage techniques and provide comprehensive movement assessments to identify where the body is hiding pain. We don't just relieve your symptoms, we also treat the problem.

Here at Pro10, our unique approach involves getting you to move better because when you move better, you feel better. 

Sports Injury

Because you deserve a pain free life.

The strength you need for the life you want.

Does This Sound Like You?

More often than not you have:

  • Headaches

  • Neck Pain

  • Jaw tightness

  • Sore Shoulders

  • ​Tender Forearms

  • Shooting pain down the arms

  • Back Aches

  • Tight Hips 

  • Tight Quads

  • Sore Knees

  • Stiff Ankles

  • Pain Standing

It has become challenging to: 

  • Bend down

  • Sit down

  • Stand up

  • Bend to the side

  • Lift over head

  • Reach above my head

  • Reach across my body

  • Pick something up

  • Walk

  • Run

  • Jump

  • Drive

  • Walk upstairs

  • Sleep

Imagine A Life Without Pain

Where You Can

Move Better.

Feel Better.

Live Better.

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Are you ready to experience optimal health?

Say yes to a more vibrant life, one that doesn't hold you back because of you how feel. 



David graduated with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science from Towson University in 2015. Immediately after graduation, he worked under the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Boston Celtics for 2 years and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). While working with the Celtics, David was able to master program design and proper technique at an elite level. He saw how athletic training enhanced performance, but it lacked the hands-on component needed for pain reduction.


 Desiring a more therapeutic, well rounded approach, David pursued a License in Massage Therapy. He now combines individualized exercises and muscular manipulation to relieve the symptom(s) so he can treat the underlying cause.


  He uses his experience of working alongside chiropractors, pain management doctors, physical therapists, and team athletic staff to identify the best treatment for his clients and how these services fit into a complete treatment plan. He ensures every client that walks through his office doors receives the best possible treatment and care.


  Along with his private clients, David continues to serve as a massage therapist to the New England Revolution Major League Soccer Team.

 Dave is the best! He helped me avoid surgery on my shoulder by figuring out my issue is muscle related instead of bone! I highly recommend him.

Kristen M.

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