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Intense Training
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Rosemary S.

I always feel so much better after David gives me a massage, and I continue to feel good! He helps me unbelievably!!!!!!!!!!

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Kristen M.

Dave is the best! He helped me avoid surgery on my shoulder by figuring out my issue is muscle related instead of bone! I highly recommend him.

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Susan A.

I met David while visiting family in the area. I have many orthopedic issues and after just one visit he had me pain free and walking normally. I can only hope to find someone as good and knowledgeable in Maryland.

Sports Injury
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Carol S.

I booked a therapeutic massage with David for my chronic hip/back pain. Within only two sessions, my pain scale went from a 10 to a 2. David was very informative and knowledgeable in assessing which muscles were limiting my movement. I am continuing my treatment with David to prevent any recurring pain. David uses a variety of clinical techniques like ART and deep tissue to restore my ability to live an active lifestyle. I highly recommend Pro10 Rehabilitative Massage & Training to anyone who is looking for an alternative therapy for chronic pain.

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Tom D.

I am a competitive powerlifter. I have been competing for years however I started to prioritize my recovery and wow, what a big difference it made. Specifically, working with David has been incredible. He has a great way of analyzing pain and finding the root cause quickly. He is able to identify and provide relief instantly. His work is unmatched. I have had other massage therapists in the past and they don't stack up compared to David. I have noticed measurable increase in performance since seeing David. I have even recommended that my wife start seeing David for pain relief. She has been thrilled with the results!

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Johanna H.

I'm a former gymnast with a lot of pain from previous injuries. I also tend to carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. I had never had a massage before. Dave made me feel very comfortable. I have noticed a significant difference with Dave's help. He is very good at finding trigger points and releasing them with instant relief. I also felt very calm and relaxed. I will definitely be going back as often as I can.

Squat Group
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Andrea D.

I found Pro10 after having extreme neck pain for the last 4 months. I could hardly move my neck. My doctor prescribed very strong pain meds but I could not live like this. After one session with David, he was able to buy me 3 days of being pain free and restful nights which I haven't had in months! He is way more than a massage therapist, he does medical manual therapy. Before you even think about cortisone shots/surgery, you should go to him.

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Marti E.

I met David while being treated by my chiropractor. His approach to therapeutic massage on my first visit released extremely tight quad muscles and on my second visit David corrected a stiff shoulder and arm. Now I am able to reach my dishes in my kitchen cabinet shelf and I do not have to rearrange things to a lower cabinet. David is very caring and gentle when working with this 68 year old grandmother who still wants to play ball with her grandkids. I have given his business cards to my primary care doctor and would gladly recommend him to anyone that has any pain from head to toe.

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Richard S.

I have been going to the chiropractor for a while and getting good results for sciatic nerve problem. Then recently had an unrelenting pain in my shoulder. The pain spread down my back and I was worried it could be something worse so I went to my doctor who then gave me pills with very little results. One of my regular visits to the chiropractor David was there and asked me some questions about my shoulder and what I did for a living. He helped me realize how I sit all day was the reason for the problem. He then worked on my shoulder, massaging and stretching it. All in that one visit he worked out the pain and taught me some stretches for the future. If you are experiencing pain, give this man a try.

Shoulder Treatment
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Marian P.

I had an appointment with David for pain in my neck. I felt relief right after my session with him, and felt great the next day. He gave me tips on how to do simple movements to help any problems I might have in the future. I highly recommend David. He is very Knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. 

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